Photos from outside of the neotropics

While the vast majority of my photos are from the Neotropics, I also enjoy traveling in other parts of the word, and I am including links to those trips here.. As with the rest of the website, all photos are of wild, unrestrained birds (and other animals).

It is currently organized in chronological order by trip, though all photos will also appear in the main species index.

I am working on moving all photos to Flickr - that's almost done now with only a few galleries left to work on.

Ethiopia - August 2004 (Flickr)
Australia - Northern Territory - April 2006 (Flickr)
China - Sichuan province - April/May 2006 (Flickr)
Papua New Guinea - June/July 2007 (Flickr)
New Caledonia - July 2007 (Flickr)
Thailand - June 2008 (Flickr)
Malaysia (Peninsula and Borneo) - June/July 2008 (Flickr)
Ohio, USA - May 2010 (Flickr)
Madagascar - Oct/Nov 201 (Flickr)
The Philippines - Feb/Mar 2011 (Flickr)
Colorado, USA - April/May 2011 - Non-Passerines
Colorado, USA - April/May 2011 - Passerines
Connecticut, USA - May 2012 (Flickr)
Kenya - Aug/Sep 2012 - (Flickr)
Queensland, Australia - Jul/Aug 2015 (Flickr)
Kruger National Park, South Africa - October 2015 (Flickr)
Madagascar - November 2015 (Flickr)
Yellowstone National Park - October 2016 (Flickr)
Myanmar - January 2017 (Flickr)
Thailand - January 2017 (Flickr)

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