Pale-winged Trumpeter - Psophia leucoptera
Pale-winged Trumpeter
Psophia leucoptera leucoptera
Cocha Blanco, Manu Biosphere Reserve, Madre de Dios department, Peru.
There are three species of trumpeter in the world, all in the Amazonian and Guianan regions. This species is the one found in the southwestern Amazon. It was almost dark, and this is one of the highest ISO photos I've ever taken at 25600. It's not particularly sharp, but I thought it was amazing to get anything under the circumstances. (S8)

Dark-winged Trumpeter - Psophia viridis
Dark-winged Trumpeter
Psophia viridis viridis
Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Mato Grosso state, Brazil.
Dark-winged Trumpeters occur in the southwestern Amazon, and Cristalino is certainly one of the best places to see them. This flock came into small pool at dusk to drink. (S6)

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