Horned Screamer - Anhima cornuta
Horned Screamer
Anhima cornuta
Cocha Blanco, Manu Biosphere Reserve, Peru.
Screamers are definitely wierd. They are huge, clumsy-looking birds, that seem more like geese than anything else. Yet despite their ungainly appearance, they fly well and even sometimes perch in trees. Their loud, hooting songs are are some of the strangest sounds in South America. (S8)

Southern Screamer - Chauna torquata
Southern Screamer
Chauna torquata
Transpantanal Highway, Mato Grosso state, Brazil.

Southern Screamer - Chauna torquata
Southern Screamer
Chauna torquata
Caiman Lodge, Mato Grosso de Sul state, Brazil.
Check out those legs and feet! Despite their mass (3+ kg), their enormous feet and toes allow them to walk on floating vegetation without sinking through. This species is found widely in wetlands of southern South America, such as the Pantanal. (D3)

Northern Screamer - Chauna chavaria
Northern Screamer
Chauna chavaria
A few km west of Puerto Pinzón, Boyacá department, Colombia.
This is the the most localized of the three species of screamer, found only in NE Colombia and far W Venezuela. (S5)

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