Black-headed Antthrush - Formicarius nigricapillus
Black-headed Antthrush
Formicarius nigricapillus destructus
Río Silanche Bird Sanctuary, Pichincha province, Ecuador.
Anthrushes are one of the hardest groups of birds to photograph, since they inhabit very dark rainforest understory and rarely stop moving. So far this is the first time I have ever gotten a half-way decent shot of one. This species is found in wet lowland and foothill forests from Costa Rica to northwestern Ecuador. (S8)

Rufous-capped Antthrush - Formicarius colma
Rufous-capped Antthrush
Formicarius colma ruficeps
Linhares reserve, Espirito Santo state, Brazil.
A common South American antthrush, found in most rainforests east of the Andes. (S6)

Black-faced Antthrush - Formicarius analis
Black-faced Antthrush
Formicarius analis zamorae
Yasuní Research Station, Orellana province, Ecuador.

Black-faced (Mexican) Antthrush - Formicarius analis monileger
Black-faced (Mexican) Antthrush
Formicarius analis monileger
Las Guacamayas, Chiapas state, Mexico.
This is usually, and more appropriately, considered a separate species, Mexican Antthrush. (S5)

Short-tailed Antthrush
Short-tailed Anthrush
Chamaeza campanisona campanisona
Serra de Baturité, Ceará state, Brazil.
This one is from an isolated population in northeastern Brazil, living in surprisingly dry forest, and having a slightly different song. (D3)

Striated Antthrush - Chamaeza nobilis
Striated Antthrush
Chamaeza nobilis rubida
Yasuní Research Station, Orellana province, Ecuador.
The one member of the genus found in the Amazonian lowlands. (S6)

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